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As a videogame enthusiast, one such game I particularly enjoyed was The Binding of Isaac, a roguelike game centred around a modern retelling of the biblical story of the same name. I had seen that they had a card game released via Kickstarter, and so I had backed it.

Fast forward, they launched an expansion on Kickstarter, and were saying they’d look for a new website at some point. I took it upon myself to create one, mostly because their old website was very outdated. Edmund McMillen and Maestro Media were so impressed, they took on the entire site.

I hold this site in particularly high regard. Not just because it looks absolutely stunning, in my own opinion. It’s so important to me, because the game developer is one of the most well known indie game developers in the business, Someone whose work I enjoyed since my teenage years, and also because Four Souls was the 17th most funded Project in Kickstarter history (6th just in tabletop games!). What was just a fan project, picked up by one of the most famous names in the indie game industry.

The prime feature of the site is the encyclopedic documentation of every card in every promo pack and expansion released. It also features a full breakdown of all rules, an automatic deckbuilding feature for players, and an advanced card search for curious users.

The site is entirely built in WordPress, and supported in large by Cloudflare. The traffic was insanely high in the early days, so much so we had to move to the biggest hosting plan possible. Even then, we had to upgrade the server even more!

It is, by far, the jewel of my website collection. It is stuffed full of little features all across the site. double-sided cards can be flipped in search pages, an interactive rules book, several accessibility options, several in-jokes for the community and above all, a user friendly interface to keep the site going well into the future.